A Festival of Creative Urban Living

26 September – 13 October 2019
Alison, Chris and Evgenia


Host: Alison, Chris and Evgenia Location: Medbourne

5 October

Guests: Evgenia Vlachakionia

The Beds United project has been developed over many months recruiting Citizen Hosts from all over Milton Keynes. Each host is offering a stay in their homes for free as part of the festival, taking their guest on a journey in their part of the city or sharing food and time together.  We are truly overwhelmed by the generosity and welcoming spirit which all our hosts share – thank you!

Thank you also to our Guests who come from Milton Keynes, across the UK and Europe and have taken the adventurous decision to really be part of the festival and find out what it is like to be resident in our utopian city. We hope that you enjoy your stay.

The Beds United photographer will be working to capture a glimpse of the people taking part in the project and will meet you at your house at a pre-arranged time when the guest is visiting. The photos taken will then be uploaded during the festival on the website and on social media, gradually forming a snapshot of the lived city in 2019.
Photographs by Karen Kodish

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A Festival of
Creative Urban
Living 2019

26 September
– 13 October

Illustration by Lukas Hamilcaro
Design by Studio Chehade  

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