A Festival of Creative Urban Living

26 September – 13 October 2019
Amassment and Build (One Brick at a Time) 

Artist Workshop

Tuesday 8 October


Suitable for all ages

As an artist, Sarah Wright is interested in the notion of ‘value’ and in particular how we can recycle, reform and regenerate in a creative way.

Over the 18 days of the Festival, Sarah will run a participatory production line, transforming waste material from the Festival campus into hand-made papier-mâché bricks.

Amassing over time, these unique, colourful building blocks will be used to create a new sculptural public artwork, where audiences will be invited to join Sarah in a co-authored and collaborative construction process.


Meeting Place
Midsummer Boulevard
(opposite The Point)

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A Festival of
Creative Urban
Living 2019

26 September
– 13 October

Illustration by Lukas Hamilcaro
Design by Studio Chehade  

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