A Festival of Creative Urban Living

26 September – 13 October 2019
Beds United

What is Beds United?

Beds United is A Festival of Creative Urban Living project. The project is part of the the festival and will have central base at festival central. The idea is that Milton Keynes residents are best placed to show people visiting the festival what it is like to live in the city.

What is a “guest “?

Aguest is someone who comes to stay with a resident/s of Milton Keynes.

Where will guests come from?

The guest may live in MK, but in another area or will be visiting the city from across the UK. We are expecting a number of international Guests.

How many nights will my guest stay for?

In most instances, Guests will only stay with their host for one night but, in agreement with the Hosts, Guests can increase their stay.

What is expected of a Host?

Hosts are a key part of the project and will act as a Citizen ambassador for the festival. Hosting a festival guest in your home for a minimum of one night.

Do I need to provide meals?

We would like Hosts to provide basic food for breakfast, tea coffee and drinks – which the festival will reimburse.

What facilities do Hosts need to provide?

A clean bedroom with a door that closes fully A single (or double bed if hosting a couple) made up with duvet, pillows and clean sheet 
Access to a clean working bathroom and towels;
Access to a kitchen to make drinks.

Do Hosts need to do anything before their guest comes to stay?

Hosts will meet the Beds United producers at their home; Hosts will meet their guest and producers via
telephone and skype call;
Hosts may email their guest prior to the visit.

What will Hosts and Guests do together?

Host and Guest will meet each other in person at festival central;
A photographer will take a portrait of each Host and Guest in the hosts community – the festival team will arrange the time in negotiation with host and guest;
The host may take their guest to a local function, go for a walk or cycle ride ( the hope is that Hosts will help to reveal the special places in MK that they know in their community);
The host and guest will be invited for brunch/dinner at Festival Central following their stay.

What do Guests need to do?

Meet the host via telephone and skype call
Meet their Host in Central MK at the Festival Campus and make arrangements to travel to the Hosts home.
Guest will write a postcard and their host t& festival before they depart.

Will Hosts be paid by their Guest?

No but the festival will reimburse Hosts for food expenses

Is this like Air BnB?

No, the only similarity is that Hosts will share their home with a guest. Beds United is a festival project that is seeking to create genuine conversations and experiences that reveal the unseen city.

There’s not a lot going on in my estate, what will I show my Guest?

A walk is a good way to entertain your guest.
If your community has an event on you may decide together to do an activity .

My area has a lot going on, can the host arrange a meet up with other members of my community?

Yes, the festival team are happy to discuss ideas and in negotiation with their Guest the host can arrange to meet others in their community.

I don’t have a car, is this a problem?

Bikes are available through the festival and we actively encourage Hosts and Guests to take up the offer of a FREE hire of a bicycle. Use of buses or taxis is also fine. Transport costs can be reimbursed by the festival

I have a pet, is this ok?

We will let guests know if you have a pet just in case they have allergies.


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A Festival of
Creative Urban
Living 2019

26 September
– 13 October

Illustration by Lukas Hamilcaro
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