A Festival of Creative Urban Living

26 September – 13 October 2019
Vagabond presents the MK Film open call 


Sunday 6 October


Suitable for all ages

Enjoy a night of MK film – with a selection of shorts and experimental films, selected from Vagabond’s MK film-makers open-call:

The subject of a memory experiment finds herself exploring one day in her past, with potentially lethal consequences.

Written and directed by Mark Jepson
Starring Elizabeth Bouckley, Camilla Simson, Frankie Fairbrass, Tom Giles

Running time 10min

One Dark Night
Lottie’s Nan goes missing so she begins her search.

Directed by Carl Mason
Starring Clare Owen, Makenna Guyler
Running time 3 minutes

In 2167, a fascist Government uses advances in gene therapy to eradicate Deafness and create a perfect society. A young Deaf time traveller is sent to the present to find the inventor of the cure and change her mind before it's too late.

Directed by Samuel Dore
Starring  Mia Ward, Lisa Kelly, Rose Ayling-Ellis
Running time 28min

Those of us
When an artist returns home to find her husband involved with one of his students her own revelations cause events to not go as expected.

Written and directed by Kieran Bourne
Starring  Becca Hirani, Tiffany-Ellen Robinson, Richard Summers-Calvert
Running time 10 mins

Every single Penny
Overwhelmed by personal and financial problems, a desperate man attempts an armed robbery.

Written and directed by Mark Jepson
Starring Andrew Davis, Anthony Ffitch, Tim Dalgleish
Running time 18 mins

A Pale Cast of Thought
A woman is about to end it all when a message from a mysterious person distracts her.

Written and directed by Kieran Bourne
Starring Shelly Atton
Running time 5 mins

Midsummer Boulevard
When the strikingly confident Sapphire Jones emerges from the Milton Keynes railway station, pauses for an e-cigarette and meets the loitering Leon Magritte, it sets off a chain of events that strips away the layers of the planned city to reveal something dark and primal lurking beneath.

Set against the unique features of Milton Keynes—its grid road, concrete cows and astrologically aligned main thoroughfare—Midsummer Boulevard is equal parts film noir, black comedy and cult murder mystery—with the unwitting Leon Magritte as the intended victim.

Directed by Samuel Dore
Starring Grant Kempster, Carly Halse, Anna Diego
Running time 23 minutes


Meeting Place
Midsummer Boulevard
(opposite The Point)

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26 September
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